Conference Publications

  • TRA2020: ‘Rethinking transport – Towards clean and inclusive mobility’

The digitalisation of road networks and the rapid developments in automated driving will affect the core activities that National Road Authorities (NRAs) carry out, offer new business opportunities and provide NRAs with new and more efficient ways to achieve goals for road safety, traffic efficiency, the environment and customer service. Ultimately NRAs will digitise their road networks, opening up new opportunities which will in turn change the way NRAs interact with existing but also new stakeholders. Based on three use cases, the paper develops a future

view of the process flow in each use case, and identifies a first draft of the data requirements and data quality criteria in providing the use cases.. The use cases are provision of High-Definition maps for automated mobility, distribution of digital traffic regulations, and infrastructure support for cooperative automated driving. The results presented are in draft version, subject to change before finalization.

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