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Work Plan


WP2: NRAs and


WP3: Digitalisation and

Automation: Implications for use

cases, Relationships with

Stakeholders and Data needs

and requirements

WP4: Other stakeholder's views

on Digitalisation and


WP5: Towards a digital


WP6: Exploration of Business


WP7: Step by step transition

toward full digitalisation of

the road network

WP1: Project management

WP8: Outreach to parallel activities &


In order to meet the objectives above, DIRIZON proposes to generate the results by selecting the three most relevant use cases at the beginning of the project, and using these for discussions and definitions throughout the project. Selection of use cases will take place with input from the relevant CEDR Working Groups, the PEB and the Project Officers in WP2.

Additionally, DIRIZON addresses the fact that data needs, technologies, requirements and the stakeholder field are evolving now and will continue to do so during the course of the project. The current situation plus views of how these aspects will change will be gathered and incorporated into the findings. The partners are well positioned to monitor these developments closely.

After setting the stage in WP2, the work proposed envisions two sets of parallel activities, concluding with the final WP in which step by step transition towards a full digitalisation of the road network is developed. The first set of parallel activities begins with examining the three use cases, defining data requirements and developing the ecosystems of the stakeholders (NRA and others). In parallel, WP4 will carry out interviews with these other stakeholders to ascertain their views, roles of themselves and perceived roles of others, and identify congruent and conflicting views among the stakeholders. Together, the first set of parallel activities produces the stakeholders, their views about roles and expectations as well as the data needs for the use cases. These outputs form the input for the second set of parallel activities: the development of a technical data-exchange platform concept and business models for exploiting the platform. The platform proposal and the exploration of the business models will work together so that the findings are consistent. Additionally, the proposals for the platform and business models will be validated with the previous identified stakeholders. The final WP on step-by-step transition to full digitalisation of the road network will make use of what has been learned through the use case analysis with a specific focus on the transition steps from today towards full digitalisation, identifying short, medium, and long-term actions. A final workshop will be held to present and discuss the findings of the project.

In order to ensure relevant developments are considered, required inputs are collected and in order to validate the findings, six workshops and dissemination activities will take place with the PEB, CEDR WGs and / or with other stakeholders. This is in addition to the interviews with stakeholders (WPs 2 and 4) and contact with the project officers every two months.

Dissemination will take place through the workshops mentioned and also through national contacts, European activities of the partners and presentations at relevant conferences and congresses (see Events for more details).

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