• D2.1 identifies NRA’s current Level of Digitalisation and Automated Driving, identifies their future plans in these areas and identifies how these developments will affect their operations and their interaction with other actors. To this end, a three-stage methodology is presented which involved undertaking a comprehensive literature review, conducting interviews with representatives from NRA’s, Ministries’ and Road Operators both from CEDR funding countries and Non-CEDR funding countries and selecting Use Cases for further evaluation and elaboration in subsequent work streams.

  • D3.1  extends the use cases selected in this project, as presented in Deliverable D2.1 by developing a future view of the process flow in each use case, and identifying a first draft of the data requirements and data quality criteria in providing the use cases. This project takes a bird’s-eye view of data, looking at the whole eco-system where other actors can provide data, thus, beyond the data that can be supplied by Road Operators. This involves exploring the use cases of the future in which vehicles of different levels of driving automation use the road, and the activities of the process flow. Equally Data categories are identified for each use case and  the use cases and data quality criteria are proposed for connected and cooperative automated vehicles.

  • D4.1  Collects the views of ”other” stakeholders and NRAs on data needs, data exchange (incl. prerequisites), roles and responsibilities, security, data protection, privacy and governance issues in respect of the Use Cases selected form previous work streams and aims to challenge the views of NRAs with the results of other stakeholder groups.

  • D8.1  Flyer No.1: Dirizon Overview

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