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Advanced options for authorities in light of automation and Digitalisation Horizon 2040
The DIRIZON consortium will support National Road Authorities (NRAs) to identify benefits and be prepared for risks as a result of digitalisation processes and automation affecting NRA operations

Project Background

Digitalisation of road assets can provide a number of benefits to road authorities including new (business) opportunities resulting from data sharing, the improvement of enhanced traffic management with ITS equipment, improved asset management thus allowing for more reliable performance monitoring of assets and more efficient maintenance processes. NRA business practices will need to adapt to exploit these opportunities. As identified in the INTERLINK project NRAs have extensive asset management data such as the road topology, location of bridges, structures and signs that could support the safe and efficient use of automated vehicles on NRA roads. The DIRIZON project will support National Road Authorities (NRAs) in identifying benefits and preparing for risks as a result of digitalisation processes and automation affecting NRA operations.

Project Objectives

The DIRIZON project has the following objectives:

  • Use three important use cases to define the data issues and requirements for NRAs and for a data-exchange platform

  • Identify the stakeholder field, how these stakeholders perceive their roles and responsibilities, and how these can evolve

  • Propose a technical data-exchange platform concept

  • Present three business models archetypes for the exploitation of a data exchange platform

  • Develop a step-by-step transition toward full digitalisation of the NRA road network

  • Maintain close cooperation with NRAs at the national level and through contact with the PEB project-responsible representatives

The Team

The project consortium consists of five partners; leading European research institute TNO are co-ordinating the project, supported by ROD-IS, AlbrechtConsult, AustriaTech and HERE Technologies, each with particular expertise and complementary skills key to the success of the project. The consortium brings together the required knowledge in transport infrastructure, digital maps, platform concepts and technology, digitisation of assets, data requirements, Cooperative and Connected Automated Mobility, security, privacy and business modelling. With links to key groups such as the Amsterdam Group, C-Roads, PIARC, ACEA, TM 2.0 and the Automation in Road Transportation Working Group amongst others, the DIRIZON consortium will stay abreast of relevant developments by making use of its own network to integrate developments in parallel activities in the areas of automation, digitalisation, and the use cases into the results.



Dirizon is funded through the CEDR Transnational Road Research Programme Call 2017 “Automation” with funding provided by the road administrations of Austria, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden and United Kingdom (see call description here). The programme is being managed by FFG, Austria, on behalf of CEDR. 

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